Protecting and Restoring the Environment

A goal of 12% natural area coverage of our region has been identified by our community. Through efforts over 35 years with the Foundation, ERCA, municipalities, and landowners, we have raised our coverage from less than 5% to 8.5%. Achieving the additional 4% required means restoring an additional 20,000 acres of our region. This means another 12.5 million trees are needed.

Greening the Essex Region

Rethinking the way your company uses paper can help your business, as well as the environment.  The Foundation has worked closely with corporate partners to provide community impact projects and employee education initiatives.

Turning Paper into Trees

Managing the carbon footprint of your paper consumption is a cost effective and highly visible way of demonstrating your organization’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.  We will acknowledge your support by sending you a certificate, listing your company on our website and in our Annual Report.  We will also provide you with a “We’re 100% replanted!” logo for you to use on your promotional materials.

Contact the Foundation for more information on how you can turn your paper use into trees for our community.

Paper to Trees


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